Focus 1 Building Inspections

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Home Inspections

Every home inspection meets or exceeds to the Illinois State Standards of Practice or the ASHI standards.  Our experienced professional inspector will meet you at the home and systematically inspect the home’s major systems.  Notes and pictures are taken during the inspection and used to compile a detailed narrative inspection report with easy to use summaries.  The reports are delivered electronically.

Termite Inspections

Our termite inspections are an important part of the home buying process. Our inspectors perform the termite inspection during the home inspection and provide a Wood Destroying Insect inspection report using standard industry forms.

Radon Testing

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and the EPA recommends every home be tested and then retested every two years. Our fully licensed/certified radon team will perform the radon test and provide the results, in an easy to use format, delivered electronically with the home inspection report or shortly thereafter depending on scheduling.  The test requires a minimum deployment of 48 hours

Sewer Lateral

Using a sub-contractor Focus 1 will schedule the sewer lateral inspection for the same time as the home inspection, if possible.   Our carefully selected sub-contractor will camera inspect the home’s main sewer for defects making a DVD of the interior of the sewer lateral at the same time.  A verbal report is provided on-site, the written report and link to the DVD are electronically provided with the other inspection reports.  One check is written to Focus 1.

Gas Safety Check

Our gas safety check includes a thorough look for gas leaks, pressure issues, code compliance and carbon monoxide exposure.

The following items will be checked:

  • All Indoor and Outdoor Gas Appliances
  • Furnace/Boiler
  • Water Heater
  • Stove
  • Built-in Grills
  • Gas Logs
  • Water heater and Furnace flue pipes
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